Portsmouth Ghostbusters

The History

Pompey Ghostbusters!

Originally going to be called the "Pompey" Ghostbusters, Andy bought the domain name back in 2013 and created the logo - left with a simple landing page for nearly 9 years, this whole thing nearly didn't happen.

Much later in 2021, Andy decided to start the Portsmouth Ghostbusters Group on Facebook. This turned into something really special.

Still using the same domain name (why not?), the website took on a new face and the franchise started to grow.

The Hasbro Spengler Pack

Hasbro Pulse brought out the Spengler Proton Pack for backing. So Andy backed this, not knowing that this would eventually lead to things stiring in the Community.

On the day the pack arrived, Andy started to make youtube videos, starting with the obligatory "Unboxing" and later on to modification videos, and the channel started to get traction.

As people were starting to notice these videos, Andy used this to promote the facebook group - And it grew.

The first BIG Event

At the end of 2022, Andy decided to put on a big charity meet-up fundraising for Cancer Research UK (A charity very close to Andy's heart).

Organised with a big venue in Portsmouth - Sadly 3 weeks before the event in early 2023, the venue had not confirmed anything. So, Andy had to take matters into his own hands, and contacted Port Solent.

In 3 weeks, Andy had managed to make sure the event took place and with the very welcomed help of the Management Team at Port Solent, the event was a huge success.