Portsmouth Ghostbusters

Rookie Academy

We Need Your Help!!!

Are you ready to take on the legendary Boogieman, a terrifying (Class 7) creature that instills fear in children worldwide? This malevolent entity has crossed paths with the Our Ghostbusters on multiple occasions, proving to be a formidable adversary. However, this time, the Boogieman possesses the ability to evade adult Ghostbusters, making him a dangerous threat that requires the skills of our youngest recruits.

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Join us at the Portsmouth Ghostbusters Junior Rookie Academy and immerse yourself in the world of paranormal investigations and ghostbusting. As a member of the Junior Ghostbusters you will learn about and engage in the creation of your own tools, necessary to combat supernatural forces before working with fellow Ghostbusters to confront the fearsome Boogieman. From crafting Spectral Detection Goggles (SDGs)to all kinds of amazing investigating tools, you will be equipped with the everything necessary to combat supernatural forces.

But don't worry, as that is just the beginning of your adventures with the Junior Ghostbusters, as you soon embark on thrilling missions alongside your fellow recruits, using your customised equipment to protect the streets of Portsmouth from malevolent spirits and otherworldly threats. Become a Junior Ghostbuster today and embrace the excitement of facing the unknown while upholding the values of heroism and bravery that define our organisation.

Enroll now and join our ranks as we defend our city against the supernatural!